Services Commissioned


21   /   12   /   2018

After a nearly 2 year hiatus off social media, JDE group reintroduced their flagship product Jacobs, back into the social media realm. Whilst the brand had entrenched itself in the South African market with its Jacobs Krönung, Freeze dried instant coffee, the time was right to challenge its competitors, maintain relevance and grow market share. In addition to this, the Jacobs brand launched a number of new product offerings into the local market.


They contracted the 36 craft team with a strategic objective in mind – bring the humour back to the brand. The solutions provided included, always on content management, research, brand development, product and event photography and clever creative that launched “The Jacobs Coffee Magicians”, all of which helped drive engagement, increased talk-ability of brand and ultimately trial and purchase of the various offerings within the Jacobs stable.

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