The spark leading to a results driven strategic brand consultancy, now known as 36•craft ignited as early as 2009. Officially established and registered in 2012 as 36c, the agency was crafted to be a strative (strategic and creative) solution driven hub, challenging the shortcomings of the large-scale, multi-national, somewhat traditional, advertising agencies.
36•craft has grown from this ‘strative hub’ to become fully-fledged strategic brand management specialists. The 36•craft team is involved in brand and communication strategy development, initiates branding, design, marketing as well as advertising activities, all of which are focused on delivering results. 
Over the years of crafting and developing clients’ business and brands, 36•craft has launched, repositioned and sustainably guided brands to solid, competitive platforms and delivered consistent return on investment. In the creation of this process, the 36c brand has been forged to evolve into the new 36•craft brand, showcasing us as true solutionsmiths. 
36•craft has earned a reputation for delivering consistent, strategic and creative solutions that deliver on clients’ objectives. Coming out of the big agency and brand environment, the partners experience helped identify a need for clients to enjoy equally big thinking, but in a more focused and engaging environment. The 36•craft model reinforces the idea that it’s not simply about the number of people working on your brand that can make a difference, but rather the calibre of those you partner with.




36•craft has been privileged enough to have had our client solutions used in various countries all around the world:

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