Services Commissioned


14  /   03   /   2019

Lilian Lofts are a boutique Hotel, who are focused on providing clients with the highest levels of customer service, comfort and delivering an exceptional experience. Whilst this was a new launch hotel, built from scratch, the team did not want to leave anything to chance. They contracted the 36 craft team with a very clear objective in mind – create the Lilian Lofts brand and show us something that makes you go “WOW”.


The solutions provided included, logo development and design, development and advancement of the corporate identity elements as well as the finishing touches required by the brand. After a solid branded foundation was set, it was time to launch the hotel to market. All of these efforts have raised the overall profile of the hotel, ensuring customers are retained as well as becoming ambassadors for Lilian Lofts through increased talk-ability and word-of-mouth marketing.

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