Why is photography important?

Photographs capture that which is important to us. When you ask someone “what is the first thing you would grab if your house is on fire?” chances are, the answer will be “photographs” or “the hard-drive our photos are stored on” (we do live in a digital world, after all).

Photographs are our personal story, a timeline which we can share with others. They are part of our legacy that also allow us to communicate. And when we share and communicate, we generate ideas from different perspectives, and that in return is what helps us grow as human beings.

Photographers are the community’s eyes to the world, they inform us, inspire us, make us happy, and often times, they make us cry. As a person, you can’t accurately recreate someone else’s emotion, but one picture can. A groom looking at his bride walking down the aisle, nothing can accurately capture the happiness he feels in that moment, like a photograph.
A baby being born, seeing agony, happiness, amazement, and wonder, all of those emotions can be captured in one photograph, memories that will live on forever.

Photographs are the universal language of our era. Everyone has thousands in their pocket, look at your phone’s gallery, how many of those pictures are you willing to delete? None. We are all photographers in our own right, we all have moments we need to capture to show others, this is how our story gets told, how our legacy lives on.

The art of photography is crucial in modern marketing, it gets your target markets' attention, and attention will generate business. It also speeds processing, the human brain can only process a small amount of information at any given time, one compelling photograph will always take precedence.

93% of all human communication is non-verbal, combining visual elements with well written text is an excellent way for marketers to capture the imagination of their target audience. Visual content tends to go viral if an audience likes it enough to share it with their online communities and social networks. This builds brand credibility.

Photographs influence emotion - think of the picture where a starving Sudanese child collapsed while trying to reach a United Nations feeding centre, with a vulture standing right behind her. You immediately feel something looking at that picture.

A single photograph galvanized the world against Apartheid, during the Soweto Uprising, where photojournalist Sam Nzima took a photo of Hector Pieterson, carried by a crying 18-year-old school boy named Mbuyisa Makhubo, after Student Activist Hector was shot and killed by South African police.

Photography is incredibly powerful, it communicates so much without uttering a single word.

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Crafted by Sarah Midgley

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