Building Brand Trust

As an agency we continue to see articles, blogs, videos, and interviews filled with a plethora of the day’s “buzzwords”. Businesses and brands have been talking about their vision and mission, combined with how they are good corporate citizens and are oh so customer-centric… this has been going on for so long, that we barely remember a time when this was not the case.

These businesses and brands have done this to grab the attention of their target market, but what they have failed to factor in is that real brand trust is far more important and valuable than simply the attention of the audience.

With this in mind, it’s becoming more vital for businesses and brands to find a greater purpose, one linked to their core business, and stay true to this purpose. The time is now, for businesses and brands, to work with their marketing teams, advertising agencies as well as brand consultancies to create purpose-driven work, continually ask how they can effectively communicate that have more purpose and weight, that will deliver brand affinity.

Businesses and brands who align their core purpose to what their target audience care about will be the ones who are able to effectively build trust and affinity with their consumers. More and more, we see how consumers are no longer accepting a brands communication simply at face value. The challenge is to be authentic and transparent in the ways it does business, and what the brand truly stands for.

By aligning a brand purpose with a brand message (one which resonates with the target market and purchase decision maker), has the power to change both human behaviour as well as a brand position in the eye of your market.

The tougher economic times we find ourselves in, no longer allows for consumers to just spend their money as they wish. Customers are more cynical, and better educated in how and where they spend their money. A well-constructed, purpose-led brand message will show consumers what you do as a business and brand. It moves you beyond simply selling a product or offering a service. Corporate Social Investment (CSI) cannot just be an add-on, but needs to be linked to the very core of the businesses and its brand purpose. It is vital that all communication activities and brand messages across all campaigns reflect this brand purpose.

Crafted by Chris Midgley

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