Out with the old and in with the new

It is no secret, what we knew as the norm, will never be the norm again. People are throwing around the phrase “the new normal” like confetti – it is not the new normal. There is no such thing as a new normal, only a new “new”.

When faced in times of uncertainty, as we are now, the brands and leaders that generally come out stronger focus on a couple simple actions:

· Step one: Out with the old. The first and often most vital step, is learning what is new and what has changed. We can and must quickly know who and what we can be certain of and rely on.

· Step two: In with the new. Use your ability to think creatively, up-end the status quo and do things differently. The most dangerous words in times of uncertainty are “We have always done it this way”.

If you are a business or brand and you look for the quick fix, you are likely to fail. Look for the quick wins (those things you can action and implement quickly), and then steady the ship, adjust the course and then start to action the more difficult larger changes. The environment in which we work and live, has become more uncertain and continues to be so in this ever evolving and digital world we find ourselves in. The world and the way we do business continues to become more complex and ever-changing. The one certainty we can see is that uncertainty is the only constant.

In our experience, the best way forward is not simply about having the best strategy, great creative and implementation, making use of best practice or even getting the most attention… rather the right blend of all of these and strong, decisive leadership.

The most recent study PwC's CEO survey noted the many businesses and brands, opt for a safer approach and stick to what they have always known during uncertain times, however those that make use of a more adaptable, fluid approach find better success.

Crafted by Chris Midgley

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